Domestic Wholesale

Our cattle are processed locally in Gippsland. The carcases are either boned and boxed at the plant, or delivered to our state of the art boning facility in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

At our boning room, our small team of butchers process bone-in product, portion cut steaks, slice and dice and pack products for restaurants, home deliveries and farmers markets.

If you are interested in stocking Gippsland Natural, we can provide beef ranging from whole bodies, bone-in product or boned-out primals through to portion cut steaks, beef strips, diced and mince.

While our focus is on the restaurant trade directly, we also work with retail butchers and specialist retailers. The nose to tail philosophy is very important for us to balance the cuts of beef from an entire carcase.

To this end we proudly partner with larger corporate organisations and boutique food manufacturers to co-brand our produce through value-added options such as pre-prepared meals, pastas, burgers, meatballs and pies. We are even working on a high welfare pet food project.

As farmers we are not really interested in just selling our meat, we are looking for genuine partnerships that are mutually beneficial and where the end customer can learn about the story of their meal and who and where it came from.

If you are interested in talking with us about how we can help you please contact us. 

International Wholesale

We are “Export Ready”. At present we are seriously exploring export partnerships for Gippsland Natural Beef and Australian Natural beef brands.

We are looking for reputable distribution partners who are interested in sharing our story with their customers and giving them the option of high quality produce that can be traced directly back to the farmer.

We are looking at all options from carcase beef to retail ready packaging, and hope that we are ready to act quickly on any opportunities when they arise.

If you are, or know of someone who is, interested in joining us on this journey, please contact us and we would be happy to explore the possibilities.

Become a beef or lamb supplier

We welcome any beef and lamb producers to join in our Gippsland Natural group.

All Gippsland Natural suppliers are based in the Gippsland region of Victoria, ranging from Phillip Island and the Mornington Peninsula across to East Gippsland.

Gippsland Natural is based on a free-range grass fed beef system. We use no hormonal growth promotants or antibiotics unless necessary. Supplementary feeding during tougher seasonal conditions or in winter are permitted using ad-lib silage and hay but no cereal or grain products.

All producers of Gippsland Natural beef are required to be licensed under the MSA system.

We would strongly encourage new producers to undertake our Environmental Management System to become Enviromeat accredited.

Animal welfare is one of our strong core ethics of what we believe in.

Breed is not necessarily a prerequisite, however  experience has shown that  British breeds (Angus Hereford) cattle or crosses perform well under MSA grading.

Gippsland Natural is Hormone Growth Promotant (HGP) Free. Producers are permitted to use antibiotics as a normal part of animal husbandry if required due to illness or injury to animals, but antibiotics are not to be used in a preventative manner.

Gippsland Natural, as a producer owned brand, is always looking to reward producers for the best produce and at the best price.

To support the brand, members make a contribution to the marketing and brand management through a commission based system.

We are looking for people who would be willing to help support the brand at trade shows and via social media platforms.

While we have published market prices in the past, with the volatility at present, if you have any queries please contact us.

Become a Stockist

At Gippsland Natural Beef we are “Retail Ready”.

We are currently exploring new options for presenting Gippsland Natural Beef in a general store/boutique supermarket retail-ready context.

We are looking to partner with like minded boutique retailers who are interested in sharing our efforts with their customers and giving them the option to choose produce with provenance.

For retail butchers we are happy to discuss wholesale body pricing or body piece options.

If you are interested in joining us on this journey please contact us and we can discuss options for working together.